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Value changes & two point perspective

This gate is a quick study in value changes – depth comes from the contrast between dark and light. In this pic, the lighter area is actually the deepest part of the sketch – a little different from usual (allegedly).

Oh, and by the way – don’t try to use an F to get a dark line because you’ll just scratch holes in the paper. Use a bloody 6B or something and like magic the lines are dark. I can be such a dumb arse.

There’s somewhere around 40 lines used to construct this – as in, 40 used as guides, not what is drawn to make the little house. There are two flaws: The first is that I did not draw/close/construct the base of the house, and I think that has thrown the right (hidden) wall out of shape; the second is that I had a chimney disaster. I think I saved it (it looks correct) but it’s seen better days.

Blending practice

This is the result of my first practice session blending colours. (It’s a peach. No, it isn’t diseased.)

This is the result of my second practice session. Not great, but an improvement.

(I think I used six colours. And at least it doesn’t look like something crapped all down the side of it.)

Lazy eye

Various takes on the headlamp of a derelict 1950s Buick. Strangely human expression on the front of the car made seeing this as an eye pretty easy. I’ll probably do the front of the car next – it looks like a sardonic face.


Taken from a mask. Derwents.

I like it – but it’s a failure. I set out to use color to create the effect of a ridge above the eye. In the mask, it’s about a 1/4 inch deep inset carved by the sculptor. There is no sense of that inset here.


Between earth and earth’s atmosphere, the amount of water remains constant; there is never a drop more never a drop less. This is a story of circular infinity, of a planet birthing itself. – Linda Hogan