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Celtic circle

Prismacolors, Koh-i-Noors, over original graphite outline.

Celtic circle sketch by Gary Franceschini

Scanner darkened the image considerably. I lightened it in PS first, but it’s still darker than it should be.

Bits and pieces

Some pen sketches, some pencil sketches, a Celtic circle. The sketch of Les is from the Nick Meglin drawing class, as are the pen sketches of my hand.

The Celtic circle was drawn thusly; 1. Use a ruler to draw the center line. 2. mark the line at 2 inches, then at 1/4″ going out. 3. Draw the circles. 4. Use a protractor to mark off 10 second arc intervals. 5. Draw the braids freehand. 6. Erase what you don’t want.

Almost landing crow

The male osprey was drying his wings on a post. The crow thought he’d have an easy time grabbing an egg from the nearby nest.

The female osprey was still in the nest. No egg for you. Wonderful shot from Flickr. Staedtler 0.3.

Crow landing - pen sketch