South America

Conversation overheard:

I was watching this show about organ trafficking.

About what?

Organ trafficking. You know. Stealin parts of your body. And selling them.



Where. Where was it?

Somewhere in… South America. They kill you and take your organs and then they fuckin sell them.

They don’t kill you.

They kill you. On the street. They fuckin kill you and you’re just lying there, on the street, and they pull your fuckin heart out of your chest. And then they sell it.


Black market.

Black market?

The black market. You’re just dead on the street and they fuckin tear out yer heart and sell it on the fuckin black market.

Well that’s what the black market is for.


That’s what the black market is fuckin for.


For fuckin sellin organs. You sell the fuckin organs on the fuckin black market.

Jeezus. South America.