Gee Rog

Last Monday 15th November, 2010 was the end of the Georgian era. Here are two of the last sketches I did of the old bugger.

A quick sketch of George done in crayon. He was NOT a good model – he kept moving his head. Picture was pretty much life-sized, on builder’s heavy brown paper.
Gerog. GEE-ROG

And one of my infamous Preying Mantis George masterpieces. Part dog. Part preying mantis. All devil dog. “I’m a baad dog.”
Preying mantis George

Rest in peace, little buddy.


Two birds done with the Stabilo CarbOthello pencil crayons. The left chough is after John Busby. The big black chough is from a photo.

Birds drawn with pastels

Gary Franceschini

Sketch practice

The chihuahua from that famous photo taken in New York some time ago, you know the one.

Some sketching practice. Timothy Leary (center), some dude (left), and a couple of morels. Hardtmuth 0.5mm 2B

Strangely enough, Leary looks blurry and out of focus. Appropriate, I suppose.

Gary Franceschini