Reject #1
Rejected goat head number one

Reject #2
Goat reject number 2

Reject #3
Part cow. Part goat. It’s a coat.
Part Cow Part Goat - The Coat

The Winner
That’s one of the reject goats in the upper left corner, laughing at how smug I feel regarding this sketch.
Awesome sketch of a goat

All of the previous were done from photos, with graphite (GraphGear 500, 0.9mm, probably 2B)

The following is one of my first sketches with the Stabilo CarbOthello crayon pencils. It has an interesting lens distortion effect on the nose, which is dismal but amusing. But the whole thing is okay. The crayon pencils are very different:
Goat head sketched and colored with crayon pencils

Watercolour and coloured pencil hawks

New Caledonian Goshawk

Coloured pencil. The face is one big confluence of drawing mistakes – a delta of artistic collapse. But the body and the chest are awesome. AWESOME.
New Caledonian Goshawk

Watercolour, after John Busby
Hawk, after John Busby
The hand written note on the watercolour says “David Busby.” Idiot.

Initial watercolours

First watercolours I’ve done in decades – maybe ever.

Caran D’Ache Neocolour II
Prismacolour watercolour
Derwent Inktense
Derwent Graphitints

Some Progresso 9B and and some 2B

Only the barn owl is my original. All others are after John Busby, who is awesome.

Birds using watercolor

Candy apple bird and friend:

Watercolour birds


Watercolour snowy owl, after John Busby


Watercolour barn owl, after me

O you virtuous owle, The wise Minerva’s only fowle. -Sir Philip Sidney.