Why a duck?

Mostly Derwent Coloursofts, some Progresso, and a bit of Progresso 9B graphite when I needed something really dark (wood duck only).

What fat, fluffy bums they have.
Duck soup - a study of ducks

The white Pekin after Trudy Friend.
Coloured ducks

Done on dirty paper – there are all sorts of echoes from other drawings on the sheet.
Wood duck head - 3/4 view


Mostly done with the 0.9mm Pentel GraphGear – not the expensive 1000 (which I hate) but the cheap 500 (which I love).

Drafting for measuring practice. Without the grid this rabbit was a chaotic post-nuclear freak. Even with the grid I was making obvious mistakes – “Your feet are small and petite – damn it!”

Goat – after Trudy Friend, the wonderful UK artist. Note the directional hair, and how the goat’s muzzle has some form and fatness.
Goat sketch

And lastly for this post, The Interesting Lenin from Russian politics as opposed to The Useless Lennon from The Beatles.

I kept changing his eyes and he ended up looking petulant. Ha ha!

Lenin sketch

That little scribble on the drawing notes that I have the “measuring all off”, and that’s why the sketch sucks.